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Born in 1976 in Poznan, Poland. Father of two young girls, traveler, kiteboarder, triathlete, and Japan-culture passionate working in the IT department. Very musical beast with the tendency to sing out loud in public. Notorious joker. Seriously.

When not somewhere in distant destinations together with his family, he may often be seen rambling around the streets in his hometown or on the way to or from work. The crowdier the better.

Nowadays he usually switches between street photography, visual storytelling, photojournalism and landscapes but is more and more attracted to the former, leaving „nice postcard views” behind. When on the street he is looking mainly for light, composition, geometry and colors, trying to weave some pure human emotions in between. His shooting style depends on the mood and stretches from a confident fast walking up the human stream with the flash, almost colliding with people, shooting close to just patiently looking for colors or patterns requiring more previsualization and very often waiting lots of time for all the puzzles to combine together. He also quite often happens to shoot purely by instinct as a response to the sudden occurrence. Candid moments it is.

As a photographer, he is continuously hungry for new techniques and ways of expressing his perception of the world around. Greatly appreciates all the visual nuances.

* National Geographic Traveler magazine
* Podróże magazine
* Fujilove magazine
* Fuji X Passion magazine

Recent achievements:
* 2017 Wielkopolska Press Photo (1st prize in Daily Life – singles category)
* 2017 Wielkopolska Press Photo (distinction in Nature and Ecology – singles category)
* 2017 Street Calls by Streetical (collective exhibition by Fujifilm Poland)
* 2017 Hydropolis photo contest (1st prize in Ocean of life category)
* 2017 III Białystok Interphoto Street Art Photo (post-contest exhibition)
* 2017 Fotspot „Egzotyka” (post-contest exhibition)